Wow!  When I first met Jonathan Gutierrez – better known as Baby Jay these days – he was quite literally just a kid.  I want to say he was 10 or younger, but I don’t remember for sure.  He was definitely a preteen.  I was a stringer for the local newspaper and his story was one of my first assignments.  We met at his manager’s home in Galena Park where the kid would spend countless hours after school every day perfecting his craft under the watchful eye of Rolando Cuellar, his manager.

The kid could rap, I remember thinking, though he was a bit young.

rapper baby jay jonathan gutierrez

Houston rapper Baby Jay.

Over the years, we’d kept in contact off and on.  Baby Jay traveling the country, meeting all of the biggest names in the Latino music scene, finishing school and going on to college, all while rigorously continuing to pursue his musical aspirations.  Myself, dabbling in this and that until finally landing here, my home online.  It had been a couple of years since we last spoke.  Though, this morning when he sent me the below tweet I was ecstatic to hear how great he still sounds!

Of course, I had to share!