megabus coming to texas

The Megabus is literally coming to Texas on June 19, 2012!

Thank goodness for my much hipper and more news savvy friends!!  Otherwise I probably would have never found out about this cool tidbit of information until one of these Megabus double-deckers would have driven up next to me on one of the freeways in town.  No tienen idea how excited I am about these new buses coming to Texas on June 19, 2012!!  The Megabus is coming y’all, LOL!

For one thing, they’re offering fares as low as $1 to Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and even New Orleans their first week of service in each of these cities.  They’re buses also come with free Wi-Fi and power outlets!  Are you kidding me?!  Every time I fly Internet service at the airport alone is like $10.

What really made me chuckle, though, is that these buses don’t actually have any real bus terminals at all.  Instead, they’ll have established points within each city where passengers will hop on or off the “luxury” buses.  My immediate reaction was: Oh, like the Mexican buses!  I love that they are like the Mexican buses… only fancier!

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