As far meteorology goes – never thought I’d be writing that line – ABC has got Sam Champions and his quirky commentary, NBC has Al Roker and his years of experience, and Univision… well, they’ve got something a little more… uhm, shall we say voluptuous.  Yes, compadres y comadres I’m talking about the one and only puertorriqueña Jackie Guerrido.  At 40, she’s been turning up the heat on the weather for years, and Jackie is the official weather woman for Primer Impacto.  

Jackie Guerrido Univision weather girl

Ms. Jackie Guerrido

Sure I’ve known about her for a while, but yesterday for some reason her barely there dress got  me thinking.  Could an English network get away with leaving as little to the imagination as Jackie?  Would they be chastised for sexualizing women if they hired someone like Jackie?  Is Jackie, and Univision for that matter, sexualizing her image for the sake of ratings?  Is it wrong if they are?

Jackie Guerrido Univision weather girl

Weather Woman with Curves.

Not that I’m complaining or anything.  Jackie can wear as little as she wants in my book.  In fact, if you Google her name there’s a whole online community that worships the green screens she stands in front of to deliver her weather reports.  Things aren’t going to poorly for Guerrido either.  In 2010, she won second place on Univision’s version of Dancing With The Stars and the boricua now even has her own line of blue jeans for women.  What do you think?  Are you a fan of Ms. Jackie Gurrido?

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