Dream Mexican House as pinned originally by Kitschy Living

The possibilities of me living in this “Dream Mexican House” are probably next to none.  For one thing, it is impeccably clean and we all know it is impossible to keep a house that clean!  Especially when there are huercos running around everywhere making a big old mess!  Second of all, finding those furnishings in all of those colors would take way much more patience than what I have.  And finally, because when I showed this picture to Anjelica this is exactly what happened:

Me:   Look, isn’t that the coolest thing?!  We should decorate our house like this!

Anjelica:   Are you serious?

She didn’t have the heart to tell me this wasn’t her taste or style of decoration for our home, but I could see it in her eyes.  There was a little bit of terror in them at the idea of living constantly surrounded by walls of bright yellow and furnishings of hot pink tones.  Well, one can dream anyway…

Then again, how might this look in a storage shed out back?

Pero después… ¿Qué no diran los vecinos? 

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