I’m sitting on the plane right now, exhausted, con los pies que me están matando – we definitely don’t have that many stairs in Houston – pensando, en tantas cosas tan hermosas that happened to me the last few days.  I’m afraid that I’ll blink and it will all have been a dream… or that somehow I won’t remember it all.  Me quiero dar el pellizco yo mismo.  Then again, I’m not that brave.

En La Villita de Chicago

This week I attended the Latinos In Social Media (LATISM) National Conference in Chicago – if you don’t know who they are look them up, it’s an amazing network for both Latinos and non Latinos – and while having been invited to attend in it of itself was pretty damn extraordinary, I don’t think I’d fully grasped the significance of what this trip would mean to me.  As soon as I walked in the door at the Intercontinental Hotel, near the gorgeous Navy Pier where everything took place, mind you well after 11 p.m., I was met with abrazos and cariñitos: ¡Juan!  ¡Juanito!  ¡Juan of Words!  The cínico in me wanted to believe that these were just standard formalities, people just being nice, but then something weird happened… it kept happening, everywhere I went.  Even more amazing – uuyy hasta se me enchina la pielmás gente linda approached me to tell me why they enjoyed this blog, and how much they identified with me.  All I could do was offer hugs because there really aren’t any words to express the gratitude in my heart for this kindness.  Para serles sincero I still don’t believe it!

With Elianne Ramos, spokesperson for LATISM

I mean this is me.  The kid with little dreams, with little expectations out of life besides graduating from high school, the one out of seven chiquillos that my parents raised a duras penas, the one who didn’t even believe in his own passion for writing not too long ago, the one who still can’t even believe how much love he’s been blessed with through this medioNo se si me lo merezca, but I sure as hell am grateful!

To top it all off, on the night before my departure a couple of us decided to drink a glass of wine before calling it a night, and low and behold who did we end up sharing a table with?  Dolores Huerta!  Yes, that Dolores Huerta, the living legend.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful three day event.  Not only was she truly graceful, but what she had to say to us felt like it was truly delivered to our ears by divine intervention.  The journalist in me wanted to take notes, but we were all so mesmerized that all I could do was listen and try to record everything she said to us in my mind.  All in all, what she wanted us to know was that we are all just as capable of making a difference, of utilizing our voice for a greater good, and of motivating others to do the same.  That is definitely a tall order, but one I wanted to share with all of you as well.  Don’t take it from me.  Take it from her, una mujer verdadera that has made her mission in life to serve others.  What an inspiration!

Dolores Huerta!

So in closing this very random post, I want to thank you all once again for reading this humble little blog and for making me feel extra special in Chicago, and also by encouraging you to believe in yourself and follow your dreams.  You never know what might happen if you just try.

¡Los Quiero!