Ash Wednesday, A New Beginning

So since the last vlog  I’ve obtained a new video camera that my wife purchased at a very good deal.  Something like $20 for it at a major retailer…and it’s HD and everything.  Very cool!  Only I was so impressed by its bells and whistles that I was afraid to use it until now. My mind literally couldn’t think of anything to talk about on a video, lol.

Words are SO much easier!

But since yesterday was Ash Wednesday and we sort of ended up at church inadvertently at the last minute, it gave me inspiration, and more than anything the courage, to actually film myself on this new camera, which by the way has a side panel that makes it very distracting to look straight into the camera only (I’m not used to seeing myself while filming).  Anyhow, the subject matter of this vlog is pretty self-explanatory:  Ash Wednesday, Random Acts of Kindness, and Paying it Forward.

Hope you like it.